FREE Workbook for the book: FEED MY SHEEP; LEAD MY SHEEP

Get your FREE Workbook for FEED MY SHEEP; LEAD MY SHEEP right here.  The book and workbook are designed for church leaders to use individually or in groups for leadership formation and development.

This site here is set up to be a repository for the workbook pages of "Feed My Sheep; Lead My Sheep - A Handbook of Leadership Formation for Individuals and Groups".  Simply CLICK on the chapter below that you are working on and you will be directed to the workbook pages for that portion of the book.  You can either save the pages - and work on them later - or print them out  and begin working on them immediately.  The pages are in pdf format, so if you wish to work on them digitally and re-save them, you will need a pdf writer or converter.  

Remember to read the chapter and use the tools in the toolbox section before heading to the workbook section for each chapter. If you are working in a group setting, be sure your group determines which of the toolbox items and workbook items you will be discussing as a group, so you are prepared. Facilitators, make sure you communicate this regularly with the group.

A special thanks to my two sons who have helped out with this workbook. Thank you Josiah Gabriel for your list of leadership traits. Thank you Zachary Aidan for your list of leadership traits and your cartoons about some of the leadership traits. It is exciting to see them participate in the lives of so many people here at the Camp + Retreat Center and to plug into concepts of leadership with the scores of leaders that have served here over time.

A complete pdf document of the entire workbook is available to download at the very bottom of this page. Feel free to simply download that and print it as you need to, if you prefer not to return for each chapter separately.

Blessings on the journey.  The work you are doing is critical for the life of the Church - the life of Jesus among His sheep.

SECTION I - The HEART of the Leader
SECTION I I- The MIND of the Leader
Chapter Eighteen - Wisdom
Chapter Nineteen -360° Surveillance
Chapter Twenty - Goals and Priorities
Chapter Twenty One - Vision
Chapter Twenty Two - Encouraging Growth
Chapter Twenty Three - Confrontation
Chapter Twenty Four - Consistently Recharging
Chapter Twenty Five - Celebrating Failure and Success
Chapter Twenty Six - Honesty and Believability
Chapter Twenty Seven - Communication
Chapter Twenty Eight - Focus
Chapter Twenty Nine - Innovation
Chapter Thirty - Circumambulation
Chapter Thirty One - Servant Leadership
Chapter Thirty Two - Managing Risk
Chapter Thirty Three - Understanding SWOT
Chapter Thirty Four - Paying Attention to Space
Chapter Thirty Five - Working With and As a Team
Chapter Thirty Six - Time Management
Chapter Thirty Seven - Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter Thirty Eight - Problem Solving
Chapter Thirty Nine - Integrity
Chapter FortyDecision Making
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Josiah's list of Leadership Qualities
Zachary's List of Leadership Qualities
360° Surveillance
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